​Coach Mauricio "Veio" Amado

Coach Andre Dida Amado

Muay Thai and MMA Head Coach  (Brazil)

Dida is presently coaching out of Evolucao Thai in Curitiba, Brasil.  Currently, he is working with Fabricio Werdum, Wanderlei Silva, and Sergio Moraes for their upcoming UFC fights on June 23rd, as well as preparing Shogun for his fight in August.  Dida has also recently served on TUF Brasil as coaching staff on Wanderlei’s team, spent time teaching with his master, Rafael Cordeiro, out of King’s MMA, as well coaching at Blackhouse while in L.A.  He has fought extensively in K1 and Dream and holds a 6-4 record.  Dida will be teaching at our Toronto location intermittently throughout the year as his schedule allows.

Muay Thai and MMA Head Coach (Toronto)

Mauricio Veio was born in Brasil and began training at the age of thirteen under his one and only coach, Master Rafael Cordeiro of Chute Boxe.  He is a fully acredited black belt under Master Cordeiro, holds an 6-2 Muay Thai record, and a 11-3 MMA record, fighting from Brasil to Portugal and Japan.  He has spent his formative years training with Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Silva, Jorge Patino and many other past and future champions.

After his departure from Chute Boxe, he co-founded the Universidade de Luta alongside his brother; Dida, and long-time friends Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, and Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua. Three years later he immigrated to Toronto, where he has now opened Evolucao Thai MMA School; founded on movements and principles evolved from his Chute Boxe background and experiences.  Mauricio is dedicated to constantly evolving the sport of mixed martial arts; he continues to work with a variety of professional fighters from the UFC to Bellator and beyond, but his true focus is and giving everything he can to his students.

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