Whether your goals are to get in shape with some of our fun classes or learn martial arts the world-class Evolucao Thai MMA School gym of Toronto will fulfill all your needs.The Gym Features • 2,500 square feet of mat area (1.5″ Pro Zebra MMA mats) 

Our MMA gym strives to deliver a family friendly facility combined with professional level training. Our kids and self defense programs make our MMA gym a place where an entire family can get together and get fit in a safe and healthy environment. Our mission is to build a community that is open to everyone regardless of skills and fitness levels while providing the best atmosphere available in the industry.Today, this prestigious team has made their way to Toronto with hopes to not only further their careers, but to also pass on their knowledge to the next generation of professional athletes that may someday represent the Team Evolucao.



Our Facility​

Our Training 


At Evolução Thai the ancient "Art of Eight Limbs” is our speciality and is taught with MMA in mind. There are presently six Muay Thai classes each week led by Head Coach Mauricio "Veio" Amado.  Occasionally we will have guest instructors; past instructors have included Master Rafael Cordeiro, Wanderlei Silva and Francisco "Massaranduba" Trinaldo

Our School​


The importance of the "Gentle Art" in MMA cannot be understated and with seven Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes each week (both Gi and Nogi) we take the teaching of it very seriously. Our Gi classes are lead by Head Coach Mauricio "Veio" who is a high level brown belt under Rafael Lovato Jr. and our Nogi classes are taught by TUF alumni, Albert Cheng. Past guest instructors have included black belts; Rafael Lovato Jr., Tarsis Humphreys and Andrew McInnes. 


When looking at the roster of UFC champions at any given time there will invariably be several high level wrestlers amongst them. Our Wrestling classes are taught by 3x All-American Wrestler, Nathan Rolfe. 


Our Strength and Conditioning program is led by prolific MMA Conditioning Coach, Funk Roberts and consists of a creative and well thoought out curriculum of high intensity interval training (HIIT).  


At Evoluçāo Thai MMA School we ties together all the various techniques and disciplines taught in two intense MMA classes each week. MMA classes are taught by Head Coach Mauricio "Veio." Guest instructors have included Wanderlei Silva, Rafael Cordeiro and UFC Fighter Francisco Trinaldo. 

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