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Our Facilities

Our training space is fully equipped with the industry's highest quality & most durable Zebra mats. Our floor mats are complemented by wall mats to ensure maximum safety while training. Zebra mats are designed to provide great support and make an ideal environment for all of our classes!


Our change rooms are located before the training area and we separate men and a separate women's change room. both have coat racks and small storage spaces to leave your belongings while you train! The women's change room also has a separate changing stall.


We have two private restrooms & two private showers for your convenience! Whether you’re headed to work after training or coming from work have the peace of mind that you can have a refreshing shower after having a great training session!


We have a community water cooler for member use, enjoy some refreshing water and remember to stay hydrated during and after training!


Also some cool extra features we have at our academy are a cool hallway entrance lined with artwork painted by one of our members (thank you Jordan!), decorative plants around the academy to put everyone in good spirits, a couple of essential oil devices to provide a relaxing scent, and a camera monitored shelving unit in the training area where you can put your water bottles, phones, and other valuable possessions for safe keeping!

Proudly Sponsored By Live Organic Foods & The Clinic Health Group