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Awesome people!!! Visiting from California for a week and made it a point to get to this gym twice to train with Funk Roberts for strength and conditioning. Great experience, friendly people, intense workout that nothing beats! Wish I lived closer to take advantage of it regularly.

Kim Munson

Great show a lot of sinister beating, health and high esteem first.

Silvanir Paulino

Popped in from out of town to get a private session while I was visiting Toronto. Was one of the best private sessions I've ever had! Learned so much and Mauricio was so patient and cool with me as I was new to his style of striking. Now I want to come up to Toronto once a month to train!

Brian Sargent

As a Yogi coming to train at Evolucao for the first time everyone welcomed me with warm hearts, with no judgement felt like a family. Best of all it is a disciplined training ground yet it is made enjoyable and fun. Respect for COACH he was so humble and patient. 100% definately would recommend Evolucao Thai

Naaz Khushrooshahi Prisc


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251 Purple Sunset Avenue
Brooklyn, BXY 92101
251 Purple Sunset Avenue
Brooklyn, BXY 92101

Evolucao Thai offers Muay Thai, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Mobility, Yoga, Kids classes and private lessons in a safe

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